WATCH Managed Project: Prisoners’ Assistance Mission (PAM)

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WATCH Managed Project: Prisoners’ Assistance Mission (PAM) Details

WATCH Managed Project: Prisoners’ Assistance Mission (PAM)

Since 2004 WATCH has been managing the Prisoners’ Assistance Mission (PAM). Its Nestling Home houses 27 children. It takes care of children and provides education other children’s development activities. To maintain discipline in the children, PAM children plays judo since 2008. Now they have become national champions and Pam children also get opportunities to play abroad in the international and regional championship games.



On the September 11, 2017 Prisoners Assistance Mission (PAM) was awarded with the Special Award at the Pulsar Sports Award 2073 by the Nepal Sports Journalist Forum.

PAM has been providing shelter and judo training to the children of prisoners. Currently 30 children are in the shelter and they have been receiving judo training..

According to PAM Chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha, the Mission started judo training eight years ago with the aim of preventing the children from being involved in crimes. Within three years, PAM became team champion in domestic tournament and the players have already bagged accolades in international events. Manita Shrestha Pradhan won silver in 12th South Asian Games and has participated in number of international events..

Judokas Pradhan, Indra Bahadur Shretha, Suresh Dong, Roshan Dong, Devaki Maya Shrestha and Subodh Mandal are the products of PAM. Shrestha said such awards encourage him to do more in future. “Currently we have been providing shelter to 30 children but we are working to extend the capacity to 40,” said Shrestha. “The success was achieved not only because of my efforts. There are lots of helping hands for the organisation,” said Shrestha, who added that politics should not dominate in sports. “There are talented players in the country but they need to be given opportunities and platform to showcase their talents.”.