Eventually WATCH would like to hand over full responsibilities to the communities so they can manage themselves, which will enable WATCH to move on to other less developed areas of Nepal. WATCH's activities and projects are only an entry point into the communities and are implemented with the intention of facilitating the organization of the communities.

The organization process itself has become a building block for the communities. The participants are encouraged to understand the need for group action, to effectively exploit the group's knowledge and capacity, and optimize the use of their own resources.

By empowering women and communities to take an active role at all levels of decision making (from deciding what resources, projects, or activities they need, and how they will be implemented), the effectiveness of local action will be more sustainable.

WATCH feels that this process for empowerment and decentralized management is bearing positive fruit in terms of active participation by its staff and women's groups. Indeed, it would like to improve this process even further. WATCH's main focus will be to prepare its own management and staff for gradual withdrawal while continuing to address the needs of the poor, women and the oppressed.

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