Met Bina Tamang

Bina Tamang is married. She is 22 years of age.She lives in Godawari-7,Devichaur with her two children and husband.She got married when she was 16 years old. She along with her husband is barely literate. Being very poor and needy women’s group had selected her to be the first one to go through the poverty to prosperity exercise. Assessing and analyzing all the resources they had the main resource found is place or space and human skills.
Around 2014 when WATCH firmed a women’s groups she decided to join the group, thus she started saving money earned from wages and selling local alcohol. Later when WATCH started the poverty to prosperity program she was selected by the group to be the first one to go through the exercise. By then her husband was also back from abroad with loans not paid unfortunately, he did not have good job so he had to return. After father’s death they had also taken loans to build house, so they were quite indebted. When the exercise was done. WATCH provided various possibilities and opportunities to do by utilizing their own resources. Her husband was a good cook and can make sweets. Bina could make local alcohol. They had a place for store or shop and quite a spacious house. Bina decided to start with a hotel making tea and sweets for the morning breakfast. Snacks suitable for school children during the day time because the school with about 500 children is above their house. Being a Tamang village she also decided to sell alcoholic drinks, beer, cold drinks, meat, eggs, etc. She started to make local alcohol by herself. She got an investment of US$ 100 from WATCH with which she bought furniture, necessary utensils’ and materials for the restaurant. She also bought materials needed for daily household uses.

According to their skills and knowledge action plan was developed. They had to keep house clean, cook in a smoke free environment, have clean water, etc. Then they would get investment to start making local alcohol in good quantity for sale, also support for starting a small business and teashop where they would make sweets and sell tea in the morning, snacks and cold or hot drinks including alcoholic drink in the day time. In the evening they sold alcoholic drinks and meat, eggs, etc. They also took orders to make sweets and snacks and cooked meals. She also raised improved chickens like coilers from eggs and meat. Being tasty chicken it was in demand. Thus their business took over. They could have profit of 500-600 US$ per month.
Gradually they paid all the loans and they were debt free, this encouraged them to do more. They also paid WATCH’s investment. Within three years they had made about US$ 10000. Their store also has more necessary and luxury goods. They also won the government’s youth self-employment loan of US$ 2000 which they would spend for chicken raising. Even though there is no competition but market is not big so they need to diversify the business.
Bina and her husband are quite realistic and pragmatic. Even though WATCH wanted to invest more to their business they did not take it because there were no employees to hire. They would have difficulty in managing. They have bought a motorbike to go to nearby market which is about 20 KM away. Their future strategy is to raise chickens, have more necessary goods, and make more foods suitable for snacks for students during the day time. They also want to learn to cook meat varieties to serve with alcoholic drinks. They will raise 2000 chickens for which they already had built a house. They also plan to buy and hoard necessary goods because prices are going high almost every week. They will insure their chickens and teashop also to secure their property from losses. They are also thinking about raising goats and buffalo for which they have started growing MB21 grasses which is nitrogen fixing and very nutritious grass. They also want to buy life and health insurance. They are saving Rs. 100 a month with the women’s group but they are planning to buy some shares of profitable businesses like bank, insurance, hydro-electricity, etc. Both husband and wife come to conclusions analyzing all the options. They have all the ingredients of success in future.