Proposal to support repair and reconstruction of school in Mathurapati Phulbari Dapcha Kashikhanda Municipality in Kavre-palanchowk Districtext Here

Kavre Palanchowk Mathurapati Phulabari area of Dapcha Kashikhanda Municipality was one of the worst affected area in Nepal during the Earthquake in 2014. All of Mathurapati Phulabari area suffered damages.
The Mathurapati area has 2 schools and both of them have suffered serious damage during the earthquake. There has been small contribution from INGO’s, NGO’s and Government Agencies for minor repair and reconstruction of temporary classrooms and toilets in these schools. This proposal is to help repair and reconstruct the damaged secondary school in this Municipality which is located in Buchakot.
School details
Name of the school – Sri Jana Kalyan Secondary school, Mathurapati Phulbari, Dapcha Kashikhanda Municipality, Kavre Palanchpk (code 187) Baghmati zone
Classes – 1- 10th classes, 142 students
Principal – Ms. Laxmi Khanal Adhikari ( +977 9851157964)
Vice Principal – Gobinda Prasad Sharma (+977 9841441747)

Several visits were made to the school to assess the damage to the school and discuss the possibility of support and willingness of the local community to take the lead in the repair and reconstruction process. During this visit, discussions were held with few community members, school principal and the Resource Person from District Education Office.
Destruction during earthquake
There are a total of 7 blocks in this schools which hold classes for students, a small lab cum library, sitting room for teachers and toilets. Out of these 7 blocks 4 have suffered serious damages. The block for primary classrooms was completely destroyed. Some local NGO has helped to build a temporary hall with corrugated sheets where 3 primary classes are held. This structure currently has no windows and the principal complaint that this will become very hot during the summer for the students and may have to be replaced with a more suitable option. Besides this temporary hall, the NGO has also supported the building of 3 toilets in the school– one for girls, one for boys and one for the teachers.
3 blocks which hold classes for 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th standard students have also suffered damages. The side walls of these blocks have fallen off along with doors and windows. The basic iron structure supporting the walls is still intact but the foundation will need some repair and the common partition wall between these blocks will have to be brought down and built again. The furniture in these classrooms is also destroyed during the earthquake. The new session will start in June and the teachers were worried that they may not be able to hold the classes due to lack of space. All these 3 blocks need urgent repair.
Besides this the small lab and library has also suffered damages and is no longer safe for the students to enter. At present they have 200 books, 5 computers, 2 printers, 1 microscope, some burners and beakers. The school administration has requested support to build a new improved hall to hold the library and the science lab.
Follow up to the Meeting
Following the visit to the Sri Jan Kalyan Secondary School by a team of volunteers for Bangalore Cares for Nepal, it was suggested that the school management should invite the local community for a meeting and decide how to proceed further if Bangalore Cares for Nepal decides to support the school reconstruction and repair. As suggested the school principal held a meeting on 20th March in the school premises and it involved the 9 members of the School Management Committee; 11 members of the Parent Teachers’ Association, and the 12 teachers of the school. The key decisions taken during this meeting were
• For the welfare of the school and students the entire village will come together and mobilize resources ( in terms of skilled/unskilled labour, paper work required to get the permission, responsibility for sourcing materials, overseeing the repair and reconstruction work etc.,) and help the school. The villagers and the school administration will together follow up on the process for permission for repair of the school while the library and lab are under construction.
Following this meeting the school principal visited the District Education Office (DEO) and verbally informed the Education Officer about the proposed support from Bangalore Cares for Nepal for school repair as well as building the library and lab. The Resource Person (RP) for DEO (like a program officer who does the field implementation) has asked to give a written letter if possible and they have also suggested a meeting with representative of Bangalore Cares for Nepal. As Bangalore Cares id not have permission to build the school, it requested Kathmandu based national NGO: Women Acting Together for Change (WATCH) to support for construction. WATCH agreed and asked the school to submit the design and cost estimate of the school.
Support from Bangalore Cares for Nepal through WATCH
Next steps for the construction work
• The local community will form a 7 member Construction committee by selecting representative from School Management Committee, PTA, teachers and VDC representative. The Resource Person from the DEO office will be the advisor for this committee. It will be an inclusive committee which will include women, men and members of all ethnic groups. This was formed on 29th of March
• The committee will distribute the roles and responsibilities among all the members.
• The village has a local mason who has already received the training on building earthquake resistant buildings from the government. He will be involved in designing the hall and overseeing the construction of the building
• The committee will also identify the skills that they already have in the village and the skills they will need to hire from outside.
• A Bank account will be opened in the name of the construction committee with 3 designated signatories. This will be done after completion of the approval process.
• It was also deiced that WATCH will release the money in installments linked to the progress of the work from the fund received from the Bangalore Cares for Nepal
• The community will take about one year from the day they receive the money to complete the construction.
1. Toilet Blocks
Two toilet blocks separately for boys and girls, are presently exist. They will be made disable and girl friendly. For which Rs. 100,000 is allocated.
2. Help for the Students
Most of the families are struggling with the education of children since their incomes have been affected badly. Therefore it is required also to help them with the basic needs of attending school like uniform, school bags, books, umbrella and so on. A total package of materials will cost around Rs. 3,200 for each student. Thus for approximately 150 students in the school this year which has begun in June, we propose to provide this support. The total expenditure would be 150 x Rs. 3,200 = 480,000
3. Four class room building construction
As attached design and cost estimate, the construction committee will build a four room school building within a year. WATCH from the fund received from the Bangalore Cares Nepal provide Rs. 52,10,000.00. School Management will arrange other necessary fund from its resources, voluntary labour, or private donations. The construction committee agrees to provide original copies of bills (vat), receipts, etc. that are in accordance with financial norms. WATCH agrees to provide the money in three installments after monitoring and supervision of the construction work. For which school agrees to provide all the details. After completion of each phase a social audit will be done by inviting the school teachers and interested local people in collaboration with WATCH.

Summary of Expenses and Support

Sl No. Head of expenses Nepali Rupee Euros
1. Class Rooms (4) 52,10,000.00 43.829.76
2. Toilet Support 1,00,000.00 841.26
3. Help for students 4,80,000.00 4,038.06
4. Staff and Supervision Expenses 4,80,000.00 4,038.06
5. Administrative/Audit Expenses 2,67,795.00 2,252.86
Total 6,537,795.00 55,000.00

The life in Nepal is slowly limping back to normalcy. But it will never be normal without the basic infrastructure being created. If education of children is affected,it will create am impact for the entire future generation. Therefore it is very important to ensure that the education system is back on track at the earliest.