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Since its founding, WATCH has been organizing women through health and sanitation activities. These activities aim to create an alternative health care system where local people are involved in the planning and implementation of activities. This increases their knowledge, participation and self-reliance in terms of solving health and sanitation related problems. Five clinics, one in each field site, have been established to provide basic health services. Each clinic is managed by a trained health care assistant and by link persons presently paid by WATCH. Besides basic health services, the clinics provide additional health related services including: the Maternal and Child Health Programme, which provides women with pre-natal and post-natal care as well as immunization services. WATCH also assists the clinics to operate a de-worming camp once every six months and has seen vast improvements in child health and weight gain. The HIV/AIDS/STD component is not isolated from the public health services package as awareness raising activities are conducted regularly at the clinics and community camps.