Poverty to Prosperity Program

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Poverty to Prosperity Program Details

WATCH has been supporting rural women with income generation but it was not bringing necessary changes in their lives. Even though they had their own resources they were not thinking about managing and utilizing them. They did not see that they can be utilized and managed. So this process focuses on utilizing their own resources. It has been found process itself is very good but it is difficult for our staff to visualize the process and support it. They are used to giving and that mentality is not helping the process. WATCH has decided to push this process and train and coach the WATCH staff. It believes that it is a very good method to support poor to move towards prosperity and makes them dependent on themselves and independent from outside sources. Above all it develops their self-esteem and self confidence. WATCH has decided to implement this program in all the areas where it has been working by accommodating in the project itself or by using WATCH’s own resource for which WATCH has created a revolving fund.