Organizing Earthquake Affected Rural/Indigenous Women for Livelihood Support

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Organizing Earthquake Affected Rural/Indigenous Women for Livelihood Support Details

The project is scaling up of the previous projects, which is being funded by AIFO, Italy. The details of the project are as following:
WATCH started a pilot project “Rural Women’s Leadership through Ecosystem Management and Poverty to Prosperity Exercise” in Molung Village Municipality, Okhaldhunga and Godawari Municipality, Lailtpur area right after the earthquake in 2015. In Molung WATCH formed 13 women’s groups and later with demand from the area it expanded to Prapcha and Shree Chaur villages. Just last year, twenty women’s groups are formed in this new area also. Thus, there are 33 women’s groups in three wards: 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Molung with 1250 women. There are 26 women’s groups in Godavari 7 and 8 area having about 350 women. There are about 1000 families affected by the 2015 earthquake in these areas. The proposed project will support those poorest families who are facing problems of livelihood. The project will work with the above women’s groups. The goal of the project is to assist the earthquake affected 250 poorest families to sustain their livelihood by managing their own resources for productions. The objectives are as following: change dependency mentality of earthquake affected families from “I cannot” to “I can and I Will Do”, to develop family level “Poverty to Prosperity” exercises to manage family level resources of 250 poorest earthquake affected families. Activities include conducting of conceptual reorientation to change mentality, developing of 250 household level Poverty to Prosperity plans and implement 60 of them, creating a revolving fund from the investment, developing 12 new ecosystem management plans and providing small support to implement a few of them and sharing lesson learning.