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WATCH believes that Nepal is rich of natural resources and only local users can manage them properly. So WATCH has been making local users aware about their rights for protection, management and utilization of natural resources; and organizing them as user groups. WATCH has played very critical and successful role to organize. strengthen and capacity building of national level federations of community forestry users (FECOFUN), irrigation users (NFIWUAN), women users (HIMAWANTI), and rural women (Our Iron Fists). WATCH has been advocating and facilitating for formulation of proper policies and regulations to enable communities to manage their own resources. WATCH has been lobbying and advocating in favour of communities in local, national and international levels. WATCH helped to create the Environment and Community Forest Concerned Group in Terai Districts, Terai Community Forestry Action Team (NGOs for community forestry) and Community Forestry Supporters’ Network (COFSUN). It helped FECOFUN establish governance in its district committees and also to establish user groups.