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Natural disasters are becoming a day-to-day events because of unplanned and unregulated growth of urban areas, road constructions without considering geological condition, stone and sand collections from streams and forests, use of mechanical instruments to make earth vulnerable, extreme climatic conditions, and so on. Unless people understand all these factors and do something to prevent and adapt Nepalese people will go through the calamities very frequently. . Extreme weather and climatic conditions are creating havoc, reasons and causes of which people are not aware of and ready to cope with. For this reason, those who are available need awareness of situation, come together to cope with this situation at the family and community level. The project and joint initiative with support from local women’s organizations and groups like to initiate a pilot in two areas of Nepal: Harkapur in Okhaldhunga, Devichaur-Toaklamath-Danuwar Gaun area in Lalitpur. The goal of the project is to prepare people to cope with frequent disasters through ecosystem management and disaster mitigation and preparedness. The objectives are as following: to raise awareness of indigenous/rural women about possible disasters and prepare them to cope and adapt though ecosystem management, to develop women’s leadership for management of local human, economic and natural resources, to develop family level “Poverty to Prosperity” exercises to manage family level resources, and to develop ecosystem management plans of the area to cope with possible disasters and coordinate with government, donors, and local organizations to implement them. Simialr project is piloted in Chhimale area of Kathmandu.