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WATCH’s Credit and Savings Programmes are some of its most successful activities. When literacy groups decide to study key words like ‘credit’ or ‘savings’ they are given several activities to help them understand these topics. After these activities, many of the groups have decided to make their own savings programme. They make their own rules as to how much and how often members should donate, and manage these affairs accordingly. All together, more than 150 women’s groups have saved a total of about RS. 1.5 million. WATCH’s credit program has helped a number of groups escape their debt traps, and others carry out income generating activities by supplying a small seed loan for a group. The group themselves makes rules about borrowing, interest rates, and loans out money to members and non-members. Those receiving loans use them for necessities or for income generating activities. These people then repay the loan, with the group keeping the interest for itself. Once their account is large enough, the group can repay the loan to WATCH and continue lending to their group’s members and others outside of the group. WATCH has to write off various loans provided for emergencies like snakebites, operations, and other unplanned costs.