Community Based Development Program

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Community Based Development Program Details

WATCH has been providing knowledge, skills and technology to promote self-reliant development by helping communities identify and mobilize locally available materials and resources. Agriculture technology is shared and promoted through agriculture field schools. Each year 25 model and leader farmers are trained all around the year in Rupandehi district. WATCH has been providing technical know-how and financial support for mushroom production, banana plantation, fish raising, and seasonal and off-season vegetable gardening. WATCH promotes organic farming by training them to use urine, green and liquid manure; mulching, and by providing necessary advice to use locally available materials to control and prevent insects and diseases rather than pesticides. Gradually, this has helped improve fertility which has resulted in increased productivity and livelihood.


WATCH has supported women’s groups to conduct action oriented non-formal education classes. WATCH has developed its own curriculum and teaching materials based on local needs and interest. WATCH has conducted more than 400 such classes.


WATCH supports women’s groups federations to provide interest free investment for income generation and loan to protect poor people from loan sharks. Women’s federations provide such support to groups and individual members on minimum interest, 50% of which goes to federation and group each. This kind of support has not only protected people from loan sharks but also helped preserving their land and huts. This has also initiated habit of making income, regular saving, and selling products. WATCH works with eight rural women’s federations having about 272 women’s groups and 5500 members. By now, WATCH has provided more than Rs. 10 million in investment, most of which are realized.