Behavior Change Intervention for HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention

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Behavior Change Intervention for HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention Details

The threat of the spread of HIV/AIDS/STI arises from several factors. These include unprotected sex (especially in the sex work industry) infected needles, and transfusions of contaminated blood. While the solution to these threats certainly lies in education and changing the depressed socio-economic conditions of people in the countryside, the group most ‘at risk’ of the threat of HIV, AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections are the rural women.

WATCH’s present activities in this program are Peer-Based Behaviour Change Intervention, Awareness Raising Camps, School/College Education Programmes, Awareness raising through literacy classes, and an anonymous blood testing and counselling programmes and provision of a Well-Being Centre for sex workers and HIV positive people. The participatory workshops and training, the presentation of information specially through awareness raising materials and the open dialogues/discussions are all ways of facilitating people to reflect on their situations and take their own initiatives to change these situations. It is hoped that the participants from the Awareness Raising Camps, the School/College Education Program and the Literacy classes will gain an awareness and understanding so that they are able to come to a consensus on how to prevent and control STDs, HIV, AIDS and the forced sex trade in their areas.