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WATCH’s agriculture technician and health staff and the link people support the villages by providing training and initial support for agricultural projects. The project health staff and link people introduce new or improved ways of preparing and cooking vegetables, how to make supplementary food for their babies with the women. When the women decide to try one of the new activities but need help, they request the help, which usually has to come from WATCH. The agriculture technician helps any of the groups in a site requesting help. Most groups choose to participate in income generation activities. The groups have been raising angora rabbits and pigs, cross-breeding chickens, establishing communal vegetable gardens, growing mushrooms and peanuts, initiating compost manure making activities, improving soil quality by using lime, planting of fruit saplings, engaging in seasonal trade of fruits and vegetables and exchanging seeds and technology with women’s groups from other areas. All of these activities have directly added to women’s and family health and incomes.