Subina Tamang

Lalitpur, Godawari-8,Jalkhu

Subina Tamang is Secretary of one of the women’s group. When she heard about the Poverty to Prosperity Exercise she volunteered for it. She developed a plan. She wanted to open a petty store and tea shop. She requested investment of Rs. 30,000 which WATCH agreed. She has quite nice house. She has clean toilet and kitchen. Within a year she paid back the investment. By then she had a running store and she had also started selling meat for which she bought a freezer. In her teashop she served tea and snacks, and also some tidbits for children. She started becoming quite perceptive of needs and demands of people around.
In the next phase she requested for Rs. 100,000. For which she developed a plan of action with WATCH staff. She wanted to expand store with having some more materials which was being in demand. She also wanted to expand her tea shop. She also decided to start raising chickens for which she constructed quite a big pen to raise 300-400 chickens. After going through analysis and calculation WATCH supported her. She did all she planned and returned the investment to WATCH after a year. Then she made another plan of expansion; raising fish, more chickens and expanding tea shop and store. WATCH agreed to support her with Rs. 150,000. She is now a teacher. Her whole family is engaged in the enterprise. She is a very successful enterpreneur. Her property from the venture may have been close to two millions now.