WWSF-2021 award to Dil kumari,nominated by WATCH

Dil Kumari Roka Magar was selected for the 2021 WWSF Prize for women’s creativity in rural life, with an award of US$ 1000, nominated by WATCH .She is among 10 laureates chosen for the WWSF Prize in 2021. Her felicitation program was held on 10th October,2021 at Dovan, Tinau village municipality of palpa district in Mahila Bhawan.The program was organised by Community forestry Coordination Committee (CFCC) in support of Dovan Agricultural Multiple Financial limited, Sidhhababa Temple Development Committee,Tinau Small Farmer Agriculture Limited, Indreni Women Saving and credit cooperative limited, Tinau organic mushroom production farmer’s group, Nepal Redcross Society, Tinau.She has been involved in the commercial farming of mushrooms at Tinau village Municipality-3 of Palpa district.The government has announced the area as ‘Organic Mushroom Farming Pocket Area’ in her initiation. She has already started organizing many women’s groups for this purpose.

The program was inaugurated in the presence of chairman of the program Mr.Padam lal Shakya (President of CFCC),main guest chief minister of Lumbini province Mr Kul Prasad K.C ,Speaker of the house Mr.Purna Bahadur Gharti Magar,Member of province assembly of lumbini province Mr.Tularam Gharti Magar,Ms.Rama Gharti Magar,Mr.Tilakram Sharma,Mr.Indrajeet Tharu,President and vice president of Tinau village municipality and local authority bodies,President and deputy director of WATCH,social workers, members of women’s group,journalists and many other guests.
Women from different group joined the program for celebration.From Tinau Community forestry coordination committee among 87 women’s group 90 member were there.Tinau small farmer agriculture cooperative among 83 group of women 166 member were arrived.Similarly from tinau organic mushroom production group 35 members from each group were present.Indreni women group,Bhutkhola 15 members and other villager 55 women all together 361 women came together for felicitation program of award winner Dil kumari.
WATCH has been nominating inspiring, courageous , motivator , freedom fighter,advocating woman who has been doing productive activities and empowering rural women for the betterment of the society .WATCH has nominated Dil kumari due to several reason for numerous activities she has been actively involve in fighting for freedom,uplifting rural women through forming various group for the betterment.She has involved 35 women in mushroom farming. She has been actively involved in various organizations for the development and empowerment of women and local communities of the rural areas. She also advocated for women’s active roles in community forestry and resources management.Because of which she has been instrumental in forming seven women only user groups.
A short biography was presented by Choplal Ghimire who is social worker.Dil kumari was born in Thawang Rural Municipality of Rolpa district.She was only 17 years old when she got married.When she had three children her husband got involved with the Maoists as an active combatant,soon wanted by Nepal’s Security forces.Her family were also tortured to find him. Forced to flee in 2004, she had to leave her three children with her in laws and took up arms and joined the Maoists. After the peace deal she stayed in Tinau and started agricultural activities especially mushroom production, she read about this in the newspaper. She helps to form women’s groups, cooperatives and production groups to organize women empower and make them financially independent. She helps and shares her knowledge to other women too. By now, all her children are grown up, educated and independent.
She received certificate of WWSF prize for women’s creativity in rural life-2021 from Chief Minister and speaker of the house of lumbini province, also certificate of appreciation and token of love from Dovan Agriculture Multiple Financial Limited, tinau.
In her speech she state that ” She announced she will help more women like her in future as well by establishing foundation from the prize she has received from WWSF also adding 10% of the profit from her mushroom farming.She clarified that her main aim is to uplift lifestyle of rural women who are depended to her family by teaching them skills and knowledge she knows.She has goal to add up more rural women entrepreneur.She added “I might have worked hard but it wouldn’t be possible without all the supportive bodies around,WATCH for nominating me.She is very happy to be selected for such an international prize she never expected.”
Mr Kul Prasad K.C ,chief minister of lumbini province congratulated Dil kumari for her selection among 10 women across the world working in rural areas for sustainable development and empowerment for women.He encouraged all the women to be active, dedicate and hardworking like Dil kumari.
She has been selected as a courageous, leading creative and woman entrepreneur.She emphases, “A simple rural woman to bag international-level award is the huge success in my life which will definitely be impactful and inspirational to all the women. It has added enthusiasm to my business and lifestyle. Hardwork and dedication can make you successful. It has also evaluated hard work and struggle.”