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Group Facilitator’s Training ( 10th April 2018 -14th April 2018 )

Women Acting Together for Change ( WATCH ) is recently conducting  Group Facilitator’s Training ( 5 days ) residential training program with the group facilitators of Okhaldhunga . The training consists of 27 participants  in total including both the training facilitators and the group facilitators. This training was organized to boost up the capacity of the group facilitators.

The goal of the training is to develop group facilitators in all the women’s groups for smooth functioning of women groups.

The objectives of the training are mentioned below:.

  • Define facilitation; distinguish facilitation from teaching, identify essential qualification of facilitators and make plans to develop them.
  • Develop capabilities to utilize techniques of participatory facilitation in group setting.
  • Develop capabilities to support Chairperson’s and Secretary’s capabilities to conduct group meetings smoothly.
  • Develop capabilities to help treasurers in keeping financial records properly.
  • Collect group demands and make arrangements to supply them.
  • Learn new agriculture technologies, apply them in their own situation, teach group members and adopt them.

The training features many innovative methods of teaching an learning such as presentations, group discussion and questionnaires. By conducting various activities the participants are getting to learn about facilitation; its definition, stages of change, skills and characteristics of  good facilitators. The training also features entertaining and interesting activity such as singing awareness songs and consists of constant review and reflection session.