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WATCH Scholarship Program

WATCH has been supporting  girls who cannot afford to go to school through its scholarship program since 1993 and provided scholarship fund to more than 400 girls earlier. WATCH provide the scholarship fund to deserving girl students of its working areas. Annually, WATCH has been providing scholarship fund to girl students in its project area Okhaldhunga.  In the year 2016, 30 girls were supported with Rs. 3000/4000 support according to their study level. In 2017, 29 girls received support of Rs. 2500 with 5 chickens for their self income generating purpose. This year (2018), altogether 61 girls including 26 previous scholarship holder girls with Rs 2500 only and new 35 girls with Rs 2500 with 5/5 chicken were beneficiaries. This process of providing scholarship fund will be continued to each girl student for two years only because byl the 2 years period of time they must have generated income from the 5 chicken provided by WATCH. So that others will get an opportunity to get the scholarship.

 Bangalore Scholarship  

In collaboration with AIFO, India and Bangalore Cares for Nepal, WATCH has been selecting and sending the deserving students to study in  Eurindian Academy of Hotel Management, Bangalore, India and providing scholarship to the Nepalese students for Diploma course in hotel management  annually since 2015. After the completion of the study the students of Diploma course  got the certificate from Danish Organization: ROC Mondriaan. In the first attempt of the year 2016, WATCH sent 6 students for one year diploma course. In the year 2017, 14  students were sent in which 9 students for one year diploma course, 4 students for 3 years degree course and 1 girl for bachelor nursing course. This year (2075), 15 students were sent in which 10 students are doing one year diploma course and 5 other students are doing degree course in the hotel management.

In the year 2017, 9 students received the certificate from Danish organization: ROC Mondriaan.


Recently, 10 students are doing  diploma course, nine students are doing degree course in hotel management and one student is doing bachelor nursing course.