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Success stories of Subina Tamang and Bina Tamang

Subina Tamang

Subina Tamang is Secretary of one pf the women’s group. When she heard about the Poverty to Prosperity Exercise she volunteered for it. She developed a plan. She wanted open a petty store and tea shop. She requested investment of Rs. 30,000 which WATCH agreed. She has quite nice house. She has clean toilet and kitchen. Within a year she paid back the investment. By then she had a running store and she had also started selling meat for which she bought a freezer. In her tea shop she served tea ans smacks, and also some tidbits for children. She started becoming quite perceptive of needs and demands of people around.
In the next phase she requested for Rs. 100,000. For which she developed a plan of action with WATCH staff. She wanted to expand store with having some more materials which was being in demand. She also wanted to expand her tea shop. She also decided to start raising chickens for which she constructed quite a big pen to raise 300-400 chickens. After going through analysis and calculation WATCH supported her. She did all she planned and returned the investment to WATCH after a year. Then she made another plan of expansion; raising fish, more chickens and expanding tea shop and store. WATCH agreed to support her with Rs. 150,000. She is now a teacher. Her whole family is engaged in the enterprise. She is a very successful entrepreneur. Her property from the venture may have been close to two millions now.

Bina Tamang
Bina Tamang is a married woman. She is of 32 years old. She has two children one son and one daughter. She got married when she was 16 years. She is barely literate and her husband is not that educated also. She was married to a family whose mother was dead and father was quite sick needing regular medicine and care. Being Tamang in spite of being sick the father would always drink because of losing his wife, not having any job and income, and his first daughter eloping without consulting him. At last the father died of sickness leaving behind two sons and daughter-in-law: Bina. He had sold most of the land. They were living in an old house. Bina decided to send her husband abroad to make money, for which she had to take more loans.
Around 2014 when WATCH formed a women’s groups she decided to join the group, thus she started saving money earned from wages and selling local alcohol. Later when WATCH started the poverty to prosperity program she was selected by the group to be the first one to go through the exercise. By then her husband was also back from abroad with loans not paid because of bad luck he did not have good job so he had to return. After father’s death they had also taken loans to build house, so they were quite indebted. When the exercise was done, WATCH provided various possibilities and opportunities to do by utilizing their own resources. Her husband was a good cook and can make sweets. Bina could make local alcohol. They had a place for store or shop and quite a spacious house. Bina decided to start with a hotel making tea and sweets for the morning breakfast. Snacks suitable for school children during the day time because the school with about 500 children is above their house. Being a Tamang village she also decided to sell alcoholic drinks, bear, cold drinks, meat, eggs, etc. She started to make local alcohol by herself. She got an investment of US$ 100 from WATCH with which she bought furniture, necessary utensils and materials for the restaurant. She also bought materials needed for daily household uses.
The plan was good. The shop started making money. They could make up to US$ 500-700 every month. Slowly they paid back loans, added some more materials in the hotel. They bought a motor bike for transportation to bring goods from the nearby market which was about 20 kilometers away. She started sending her first child to a private school. She also raised chickens and started growing organic vegetables in her small patch of land. She had been able to pay WATCH’s investment in one year and paid almost all loans, built the house a little bit better. They are making almost US$ 10000 a year, which is quite a lot of money.
Now, they are debt free. They also got a loan of US$ 2000 from the government’s youth self employment project, with which they have built the place to raise 2-3 thousand chickens. They plan to raise chickens soon.