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Poverty to Prosperity Program

WATCH has been conducting Poverty to Prosperity Exercise and supporting rural women by providing necessary amount of investment through which they can move towards prosperity. Poverty to prosperity exercise has a process through which needy women identify available sources for management.

In the year 2017, altogether in 4 districts (Kapilbastu, Okhaldhunga, Lalitpur and Chhaimale of Kathmandu district) 95 women were supported with the investment total amount of 29, 19,850/. In the year 2018, until now 23 women were supported with the investment with total amount of Rs. 13, 10,000.

WATCH gets back the investment in the negotiated time but the women pay 6% interest to their own group and 6% to the Awake Nepali Rural Women Coalition so that they also can operate with their support.

Guidelines to be followed before re-investing (second phase of investment):
1. Follow up whether the work is being done according to the plan made or not (ask why if not done, reason on it, ask questions and tell why it has to be done)
2. List out the works which is being done according to the plan made before
3. Prepare details (by analyzing previous and present situation of investing) of the profit made from previous investment.
4. Whether the one has active participation in women’s group and issues or not and what works are being done for it.
5. The one has been informing the group about the work she has been doing or not
6. Cleanliness of house, toilet, yard, kitchen, bedrooms; discrimination between son and daughter; if not done then one should be encouraged to do continuously,
7. Second phase being the enterprise and investment up to Rs. 200,000 proper analysis and plan has to be done.