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GLS Foundation visit in PAM

The representatives of the GLS Future Foundation for Development Dr Annette Massmann and Vanessa Schrader had a visit in Prisoners’ Assistance Mission (PAM) with their Swiss friend Monica Beer on 22nd and 23rd February, 2019. GLS Foundation has supported the nestling home since 2005 as well as in building PAM Nestling home and purchasing land.
On the first day, PAM children and staffs welcomed the donors. They were very pleased by their greetings. Donors and children interacted for a moment. Children performed their Judo activities in which donor were concentrating and impressed.
On the second day, donors participated and interacted with the board members in the board meeting of PAM; also appreciated the activities and gave feedback and suggestions on building community oriented Judo hall and move towards sustainability. They showed interest in PAM children’s weekly meeting as well.
Till now 8 children of PAM has got black belt and 3 of them have already moved out to their home. Other five deserving children of PAM received Judo black belt from Annette Massmann along with the board members of PAM. Overall they enjoyed observing dance and Judo performances presented by PAM children. At last, Manita Pradhan and Ratna Lama (participant from the community) presented thanking speech on behalf of PAM and community.