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Ecosystem Management Training (18th November to 22nd November, 2017)

Women Acting Together for Change (WATCH) is currently conducting a 5 day  residential training program with participants from Ramchey, Simpani, Bhandarkharka and Kerabari on Ecosystem Management. The training program consists of 28 individuals in total including both training facilitators and participants. The lead facilitator of this training is PhD. Narayan Kaji Shrestha and the supporting facilitators are Apsara Chapagain, Chhabindra Shrestha, Resha Shrestha and Kunti Chaudhari.

The training features many innovative methods of teaching an learning such as presentations, group discussion and questionnaires. By conducting various activities the participants are getting to learn about ecosystem; its definition, services and principles, biodiversity, mineral cycling, water cycling, solar power and energy flow, river system, weather patterns, grazing, animals, agro forestry, forestry, non timber forest, wetlands, farming / agriculture and chemical fertilizers. The training also features entertaining and interesting activity such as singing awareness songs and consists of constant review and reflection session.

The participants arrived at the training venue i.e. WATCH office on the 17th of November and the training program commenced on the 18th of November. The residential training program on ecosystem management will be concluded on the 22nd of November.