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Conceptual Training

Women Acting Together for Change (WATCH) has conducted 5 days with the selected women group’s members from Okhaldhunga and Lalitpur. The total trainees were 17 in number with 1 lead facilitator and 2 WATCH staffs. The lead facilitator was Dr. Narayan Kaji Shrestha and the supporting facilitators were Chhabindra Shrestha and Resha Shrestha.

The training features many innovative methods of teaching and learning such as presentations, group discussion and questionnaires. By conducting various activities the participants learn about dependency to independency, behavior change, importance of unity in groups, poverty to prosperity program, eco-system management and information on fruit and vegetable cultivation. The training also features entertaining and interesting activity such as singing awareness songs and consists of constant review.

The training period of 5 days went smoothly with the active participation of the participants in overall activities of the training. At the end, they evaluated the training was beneficial and useful . They express that they would share learning’s with group members.