Awareness And Action Against Trafficking And Rape Of Girls

 WATCH has been actively raising awareness against various forms of girl trafficking by combining information on this subject with its other awareness raising programs. Several women's groups have stopped trafficking in their areas and taken actions against traffickers. In 1995, a public hearing on HIV/AIDS and trafficking issues was organized by WATCH along with the support of other NGOs. Twelve HIV positive and trafficked women were invited to come and speak to the public about their experiences and raise awareness on these issues. Women representatives from community-based organizations and NGOs attended the public hearing and a workshop the following day to discuss how to tackle these problems. WATCH has been initiating interaction meetings at the village and the district levels regarding the trafficking issues. WATCH also is supporting other women's NGOs to build alliances and initiate similar actions. During 1995 when 17 girls were raped in one week, WATCH initiated action, which culminated in formulation of the Women's Defense Pressure Group. Recently WATCH has concentrated this process in the district and area level. WATCH produced seven awareness-raising materials in this issue.

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