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WATCH is a secular, non-profit, politically non-aligned NGO founded in 1992. It focuses on helping Nepal's poor and oppressed communities, with special attention to rural women. WATCH is committed to achieving self-reliant and sustainable forms of development. Our particular area of expertise is in organizing women and other oppressed groups at the grassroots level and providing them with the support they need to take action, or to learn about how to make changes to their lives.

WATCH uses a process of discussion, dialogue and reflection to organize local communities. Our aim is for people to build up their own social resources and to determine by themselves what kind of action they need to take in order bring about change. It is the people concerned who directly participate in the decision-making process. It is they who actively address the situations that impact their lives, particularly situations of exploitation and oppression. WATCH uses this approach to participatory development to confer decision-making rights to the people it works with, to encourage their commitment, and to build up their confidence and self-esteem.

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