Prisoner’s Assistance Mission’s annual report of the year 2017

This year Prisoner’s Assistance Mission (PAM)’s committee meetings were held for four times. Water tank of 20,000 liters is built for the water management. Gym fitness stuffs are added for children’s physical exercise. All the old pipes are replaced of bathrooms, toilets and kitchen; and installed wash basins in all the bathrooms. A separate place is set for keeping washing machine. Necessary tuition and coaching classes are being provided to the children. Library management is done for PAM children and community children. Two boys and one girl who passed out SEE are admitted in Lincoln Secondary School for intermediate level study. This year 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) are rescued. PAM has been coordinating continuously with the school teachers, administration on children’s study and their extra-curricular activities. Also, 7 children got scholarship this year. Every Friday weekly meeting is held between PAM staffs and children in which they share their problems and improvements of the week. Also, they discuss for Saturday’s special food. They have been celebrating various festivals through which they are informed about religious and cultural values. The children are being fed Satu (made from different cereals and legumes) every morning and also seasonal fruits regularly. Every morning they do meditation and take judo class in the evening. Once in week, discussion is held with children on education to boost up their self esteem and capability, to fight back against the problems occurred and to let them think positively. PAM children were taken to excursion for 7 days in Halesi Mahadev, Solu and Okhaldhunga. Continuity is given in growing seasonal and off seasonal vegetables, chicken rearing and paddy plantation by the staffs and children of PAM. Quite a number of National and international medals achieved through Judo this year.

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1. 2nd Triyog Higher Secondary School Judo Championship 2074 , 4 gold , 1 Silver and 1 bronze medal.
2. Olympic Day 2074, 8 gold medals 8 silver medals 16 Bronze medals.
3. Bangaladesh Krira Shikkha Pratisthan (BKSP) Judo Championship 2074 , 3 gold, 2 silver medal.
4. Asian Junior and Cadet Judo Championship Lebnan 2018, 4 persons Participate
5. 8th South Asian Judo Championship Nepal 2018, 1 Gold, 2 Bronze Medal
6. 2018th Thailand North Bankok University Judo Champion Ship, 2 Gold Medal
7. 8th Ambika Bahadur Chhetri Memorial Open Judo Championship 2018 , 3 Gold , 1 Bronze Medal
8. Rakhepa Championship 2074, 3 Gold, 1 Bronze Medal

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s]z/ axfb’/ lji6sf ;fy kfd jr]/f jf;sf
:j0f{ kbs ljh]tf dlgtf >]i7 k|wfg / O{Gb| axfb’/ >]i7

kfd jr]/f jf;sf] tl:j/

Annex 1. Detail of the Children:

S.N. Name of Children Age Sex Address Class Rescued Date Children Received from Jail
1. Subodh Mandal 15 M Jaleshwor 10 30 March, 2004 Jaleshwor
2. Pramod Mandal 15 M Jaleshwor 9 30 March, 2004 Jaleshwor
3. Ruksana Khatun 15 F Birgunj 8 12 April, 05 Birgunj
4. Uttam Pradhan 15 M Pachthar 9 3 March, 08 Pachthar
5. Manita Shrestha Pradhan 16 F Pachthar 10
3 March, 08 Pachthar
6. Sudesh Bahadur Dong 18 M Makwanpur 10 28 July, 09 Birgunj
7. Roshan Bahadur Dong 16 M Makwanpur 9 13 May, 09 Birgunj
8. Susan Dong 13 M Makwanpur 7 13 May, 09 Birgunj
9. Indra Bahadur Shrestha 17 M Chautara 9 13 July, 09 Chautara
10. Debaki Maya Shrestha 14 F Chautara 8 12 April, 05 Chautara
11. Manisha Shrestha (Nisha ) 11 F Chautara 5 12 April, 05 Chautara
12. Janak Tamang 16 M Ram Nagar 8 28 July, 09 Birgunj
13. Raju Sharma 13 M Parsa 7 28 July, 09 Birgunj
14. Pappu Sharma 15 M Parsa 7 28 July, 09 Birgunj
15. Pema Yagji Sherpa 13 F Solukhumbu 5 06Dec.2013 Solukhumbu
16. Tara Bahadur Bhujel 12 M Solukhumbu 5 06Dec.2013 Solukhumbu
17. Binita Nepali 9 F Solukhumbu 2 06Dec.2013 Solukhumbu
18. Samita Nepali 7 F Solukhumbu 2 06Dec.2013 Solukhumbu
19. Parbin Kumar Diyali 12 M Okhaldhunga 5 06 Dec.2013 ] Okhaldhunga
20. Sabin Kumar Diyali 10 M Okhaldhunga 3 06 Dec.2013 Okhaldhunga
21. Susmita Nepali 9 F Solukhumbu 2 2066 Jesth 7 Solukhumbu
22. Binita Nepali 7 F Solukhumbu 1 2066 Jesth 7 Solukhumbu
23. Babin Kumar Diyali 4 M Okhaldhunga/ Kathmandu KG. 2069 Jesth 3 Okhaldhunga
24. Binod Nepali 5 M Solukhumbu KG. 2068 Magh 5 Solukhumbu
25. Barsha Gharti Magar 3 F Arghakhachi PG

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